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Covid test

A team of healthcare professionals offers several services to prevent the spread of coronavirus. Intended for asymptomatic groups and individuals, a covid test with bookings from Monday to Saturday and the same-day results available is a solution that indicates whether you’re infected or not. It tells you if you have to isolate or can travel and be in a group setting without worrying about transmitting the virus to others. We also provide the EU certificate and, in case of infection, a GP call-back.

Running Analysis

At our facility in Cork, the physiotherapist can not only a bike fitting, but also a comprehensive running analysis. The service is intended for both amateur sport-fans and professionals who take part in marathons. It is called the VO2 Max and takes around 60 minutes. The tests includes a spirometry and checking the form on a treadmill or a bike. There are discussed such issues as breathing quality, fat burning efficiency, anaerobic treshold, and accurate heart rate. The results come also with a training advice.