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Only in black? Not necessarily. The colour of clothing for priests depends on many different factors, for example the occasion, the holiday or the position. We are well aware of this, which is why we offer more than the classic models we see every day. You will find tutuaj cassocks in purple, grey, maroon, pink and a variety of mixes.

Natural balm

In the offer of our store you will find many unique cosmetics for daily care. Here we recommend a natural balm that is made by hand. In our assortment we have lotions against sore skin, for feet and lips. Our cosmetics contain environmentally friendly ingredients that help take care of the skin properly.

Compliance validation

Our company provides comprehensive validation and verification services. We are authorized for GMP certification, which is applied to medical marijuana cultivation. Our regulatory compliance validation will help you go through the process smoothly and bring your production rules in line with current regulatory standards.

GxP validation

We offer various types of software that will do a great job for your business. With the GxP validation service, businesses can improve change and release management. For our part, we offer risk assessment, change control, and documentation review. This will allow you to focus on your business while we take care of compliance requirements.

Car ambient lighting

If you want to change the appearance of your vehicle, then you should consider our car ambient lighting! It’s the perfect solution for owners whose vehicles didn’t come with these lights. Contact us to add a nice warm glow available in any colour like red, blue, white or green which will perfectly match your interior.

Borniak electric smoker

We produce high-quality devices for smoking that are easy to use and give your food a juicy and satisfying taste. Borniak electric smoker is perfect for making restaurant-quality food in your own backyard. Our devices are suitable for beginners as well as pros, who have experience in smoking food – try for yourself!

Classic Smoker

Hot and cold. Banally simple operation via control panel. Capacity of over 100 liters with 7 levels. Efficient and energy saving. Adjustable height of the feet. Among other features, this is our classic smoker. It allows for simple and fast operation, which does not exclude in any way the taste of the highest quality.

Microneedling Bolton

Collagen is the ingredient that provides our skin with firmness, stiffness, elasticity and resilience. A treatment that aims to achieve the effect of firmer skin is Microneedling. Our clinic, located in Bolton, is where we perform this and similar treatments to improve and change the appearance of the skin.